At Laid Bear Kombucha we offer a perfectly balanced selection of our fermented tea. We've worked to create a Kombucha which tastes like homemade booch, packed with good-for-your-gut healthy bacteria. We source our tea locally through The Cheshire Tea Company, brew in small batches, and bottle by hand for that personal touch. 

What you need to know about Kombucha...

Kombucha is a naturally low in sugar, non-alcoholic beverage which promotes healthy gut bacteria. It's a perfect alternative to sugary soft drinks or to enjoy instead of alcohol if you are not boozing. We also love ours as a mixer too.


Tea, being the basis of Kombucha we took our time to create the perfect blend of Cheshire Tea's English Breakfast and Japanese Green Sencha. The tea is steeped in our triple filtered water, organic cane sugar is added and then transferred to our fermentation vessels.


We add our SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and let them all come together wait (patiently) for the magic to happen.


Next comes the flavour. We only use fresh cold pressed juice that we produce on site to the perfect ratios. This is then bottled and kept refrigerated.


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We are still air punching about this!

We have won two Great Taste Awards for our Original and Ginger brew. 

So you know you are getting the very best when you support our Bear club.

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