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We know what you’re thinking.


Why is our bear wearing shoes?

They think it makes them look more approachable.

It’s a whole thing.

You see, they aren't your average bear.

And this isn’t your average Kombucha.


It's made with a lot of grit (the figurative kind), tears (the real kind), care, and love.


Brewed straight from the heart, you could say. 

Like all booch, it has the usual health benefits. But ours doesn’t just do a lot. It means a lot.

Each can has a life of its own because we put our lives into making it. It isn’t just good for you. It’s for you. Full stop.

So from us to you - Enjoy.

Serve it chilled. Drink it straight. And look the bear in the eye).


What you need to know about Kombucha...

Kombucha is a naturally low in sugar, non-alcoholic soft drink which promotes healthy gut bacteria. It's a perfect alternative to sugary soft drinks or to enjoy instead of alcohol if you are not boozing. 


We also love ours as a mixer too.


Tea, being the basis of Kombucha we felt it important to take our time to create the perfect blend of Cheshire Tea's English Breakfast, Japanese Green Sencha and Jasmine tea for that floral note. The tea is steeped in triple filtered water, then organic cane sugar is added and once we are happy the brew is transferred to our fermentation vessels.


We add our SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and let it all come together, waiting (patiently) for the magic to happen.


Next comes the flavour. 100% natural, of course.

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