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Local Love Stories

Isn’t it funny how we love to support others? Deep down, we are routing for the underdog. The brave. The so-called ‘small’.

These people whose ideas and talents get us excited and want to tell anyone who will listen all about them.

We rely on you.

Its the people who’ll literally stop others in the street to tell them about your brand. They are your love story.

Who we love...

Scroll down to dive in to some other local lovelies that get us all passionate and that…

Mind matters.

Podcasts, workshops and one to ones. Manchester’s answer to finding your inner happiness.

Oftentimes, I will find myself in a situation where I think, what would Emily say?

Primarily when I am trying to give some advice or a kind ear to a mate, and I am not sure what to say. Recalling Em's words of wisdom help me to, I think (and hope) help others.

Journaling worship available to book now.

Dry Robe.

Love it or hate it, its the coat of the moment. Borderline Croc wearing circa 5 years could be frowned upon as a subjective style selection for a casual Tesco run. BUT, If you have one, you will not need me to tell you they are a game changer.

If you have jumped on, or are a long standing member of the wild swimming phenomenon, In.Fux are a much easier pill to swallow instead of its Hollywood counterpart. Sustainable, waterproof, multifunctional.

The community that founder, David has built in Manchester around cold water immersion and breath work is pretty impressive too, and if you can whack one of these robes on after a dip then all the better.

Team with crocs optional.

In plants we trust.

Close pals of the Bear club - Banh Vi.

A love story in itself between plants and South East Asian dishes.

If you know, you know.

We have been saved by their scran so many times when we are hungry bears and need food. Not just any food. Nurturing, warming, flavour-bombed, healthy, yummy food.

Enter Harry. Enter his Banh Mi.

We are addicted.

Dirty 30.

Night & Day is 30.

In the spirit of local, whilst writing I found this article. Our next door neighbour wrote it, and our other neighbour took the pics! Doesn't get much more local than that. Our neighbour Gary puts it beautifully; a venue with resilience - a Manchester institution.

When we first moved to Manchester people would tell me that the city is a bit like a village. I am from the Isle of Wight so I was dubious, but to be fair, the little connections in Manchester never fail to make me smile and feel at home in a strange way.

Made for the few.

Not for the many.

British made. Manchester soul.

My mate Joe knows menswear. It really is as simple as that. He always looks slicker than a slick thing, and he is the epitome of Manc for me. Straight up, no bullshit.

Sustainable raw selvedge denim made to last.


Things are running smoothly at Bear HQ right now and we are offering free next working day delivery available through our website and subscriptions set up to tickle your taste buds.

Remember, when you buy local, the person behind the scenes literally does a little dance and feels like they are aligning with their dream.

Thats says a lot.

So thank you for being part of our Bear club and supporting us.


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