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Green Tea
Chamomile Tea
Hibiscus Tea
homemade fermented drink Jun Tea SCOBY "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast" in a glas
How we brew

Here at Laid Bear we believe it's all about balance

Culture. The essence of our kombucha, and what makes it 'ours' We spent 18 months perfecting our unique culture before putting a name to it. 

Tea. We wanted to find a local company with a product that tastes amazing. The Cheshire Tea Company are Great Taste Award winners, and are only down the road. Bonus. 

Sugar. Sweets for my sweets...we decided organic cane was the only way.

Water. This is a major ingredient that gets overlooked. we triple filter ours using a carbon filter to eliminate those impurities.

Air. Any fermentation process needs a supply of O2. 

Using finely chosen Fair Trade teas from Great Taste award-winning supplier The Cheshire Tea Company we use cutting-edge technologies and a highly qualified team to produce the very best Kombucha to be proud of.

What we believe

Local matters.

There is a lot to be said about local. Shop local, eat local, drink local and we couldn't agree more. When starting Laid Bear, we noticed that we are stronger together, and it's amazing how individuals and local businesses offer to help you and support you along the way. It drives you forward, and that's why we chose our tea from a local supplier. 

The Cheshire Tea Company IN MACCLESFIELD sits pride of place in the centre of our brewing process. 

So here's to togetherness - we'll drink to that!

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The Team
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