Here at Bear we believe its all about balance.

Culture. The essence of our kombucha, and what makes it 'ours' We spent 18 months perfecting our unique culture before putting a name to it. 

Tea. We wanted to find a local company with a product that tastes amazing. The Cheshire Tea Company are Great Taste Award winners, and are only down the road. Bonus. 

Sugar. Sweets for my sweets...we decided organic cane was the only way.

Water. This is a major ingredient that gets overlooked. We start with some of the best. Want to know a small unknown fact which made us determined to brew in Leek, Staffodshire? Leek was chosen as the location to dye the silk which was produced in local Macclesfield. The water quality made Leek the perfect location, close proximity to Buxton which is now World famous for its aqua. Basically Buxton's wallflower cousin. 

Air. Any fermentation process needs a supply of O2. Leek is set in a very rural location, no heavy traffic and polution like inner cities.  

Using finely chosen Fair Trade teas from Great Taste award-winning supplier The Cheshire Tea Company we use cutting-edge technologies and a highly qualified team to produce the very best Kombucha to be proud of.

homemade fermented drink Jun Tea SCOBY "

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